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During the school year, Algalita educators present comprehensive environmental education programs with activities that include formal classroom curricula, as well as exciting and innovative hands-on and web-based programs. Currently, we are able to reach almost 5,000 students worldwide through our science-based education programs:

In addition to fostering an interest in the sciences, these programs are designed to inspire students to discover their own sense of purpose, to equip them with the knowledge and skills to become leaders, and empower them to become stewards of their community and world. Over the years, Algalita has worked with a number of optimistic students who express a deep hope for change. Let's celebrate their achievements through the Algalita Youth in Action Timeline!

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Past Awareness Projects

"Waste to Waves" Tour

Dr. Marcus Eriksen takes the Bottle Rocket on exhibit throughout Mississippi River coastal locations to educate students and the public on plastic pollution.

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junk ride 2009

Junk Ride

AMRI staff on a speaking tour along the west coast Spring/Summer 2009.

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junkraft logoJunk Raft

A large traveling exhibition on plastic marine debris.

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