Debris Science Investigation Kit

Interested in educating your students about the issue of plastic marine debris? Our DSI Kit includes everything you need to help students understand the impacts of plastic marine debris within one 50-minute class period.
(Recommended for grades 6-10)
FREE DSI Kits are in limited supply and will be available for educators within Los Angeles and Orange County February 2014.
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The Algalita DSI Kit brings real-world science into the classroom and encourages students to develop the same observational skills scientists use to further understand the health of our oceans. Educators will begin the class period with an introductory DVD focused on the issue of marine debris and its impacts. Students will spend 25-minutes rotating among 3 activity stations, each one focusing on a different scientific concept related to plastic marine debris. The reminder of the class period is designated for a class discussion on solutions to plastic pollution.


Our curriculum and activities conform to California Department of Education Science Standards and are designed to help students (and teachers) learn more about their world and their impact upon it. Although the lesson can be completed in about 50 minutes, many of the activities can be easily rearranged to fit various curricular objectives and time constraints. Additionally, a detailed PowerPoint presentation will be provided for educators who wish to expand further into advanced physical and biological science concepts (ie. polymer science, coriolis effect, oceanography concepts, biological impacts including invasive species and transference of toxicants, etc).


Our goal is to distribute this FREE educational kit to over 150 classrooms, grades 6-10, in the Los Angeles and Orange County area and to make this issue more well known among students who have the power to change their lifestyle in respect to plastic use, who have the means to become role-models for their peers and thus be part of the solution to a healthier ocean.

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