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Debris Science Investigation Kit (Los Angeles and Orange County)

Interested in educating your students about the issue of plastic marine debris? Our FREE DSI Kit includes everything you need to help students understand the impacts of plastic marine debris within one 50-minute class period. Click here to learn more!

Interactive Youth Programs and Presentations

STEM Workshops and Presentations (Los Angeles & Orange County)

After a decade of research in the North Pacific Gyre, the Algalita Marine Research Institute has discovered the great garbage patch extending across the sea from continent to continent.  Invite us to bring our research into your classroom with a STEM presentation or a small group hands on activity.

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Ship-2-Shore Online Education Program (International)

The Ship-2-Shore Education Program links students from around the world with the plastic pollution research being performed at sea aboard research vessels. Utilizing the research vessel's satellite communication system, this program allows students to follow daily updates from the research crew, as well as to interact directly with the crew by sending questions and comments to the research vessel.
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POPS International Youth Summit (International)

The Plastic Ocean Pollution Solutions International Youth Summit engages students and educators from across the United States and around the world in action-oriented, solutions-based education about plastic marine pollution. This exciting Summit involves students in hands-on activities and projects that strengthen student leadership and speaking skills, promote environmental awareness, support educational curricula and spark local action.
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DVDs and Curriculum

Watershed Wonders Books & DVDs (grades K-12 curriculum)

An educational video series (coupled with curriculum) exploring issues in marine conservation, watershed managment, and the plaque of plastic debris. Learn more >>

Mapping Plastic Pollution (grades 4-12 curriculum)
This Educator’s Guide provides lessons that allow students to explore plastic pollution research in the North Pacific Ocean using free Google Earth software. Lessons are aligned to California Science Content Standards and are accompanied by printable activity sheets. Learn more >>

The Science of Plastic Debris Analysis DVD and Curriculum

Help your students to explore the nature of science while participating in current research by careful collecting, analyzing, and reporting data.

Video: Heathwood Hall Students - Plastic Sea: Researching Marine Pollution



Synthetic Sea Story (30 mins)

Our Synthetic Sea Story traces the groundbreaking research conducted by the Algalita Marine Research Institute (AMRI) regarding the exponential buildup of “non-biodegradable” plastic debris in the world’s ocean. The program documents AMRI research and sampling from Hawaii, the North Central Pacific Gyre, and the California. Learn more >>

Syntheic Sea (10 mins)

This documentary that explores a scientific investigation regarding the "explosive increase" of plastic debris in the world’s ocean. Synthetic Sea depicts how this plastic menace is negatively impacting sea life in increasingly alarming ways.
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Plastic Debris, RIvers to Sea (7 mins)

This recently-released DVD describes the land-based sources of plastic debris and trash in the marine environment. This informative presentation describes the results of recent research, public and private responses in California, and new actions that provide hope that marine debris can be stopped. Learn more >>

..Handouts and Brochures

"Plastics are Forever"

English brochure
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"Plastic Debris from Rivers to Sea" Brochure

English brochure
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