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Plastic pollution is now everywhere. When locating plastics in the environment, scientists have little difficulty fulfilling the age-old saying, "Seek, and ye shall find." In 1999, Algalita founder Captain Charles Moore became the first to sample the surface waters of the area that has now become known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch."
Algalita’s research team was also the first to develop a standard methodology for sampling, and processing the samples, of ocean surface for micro-plastic debris. Since this historic voyage, Algalita has conducted many other research voyages to collect plastic pollution samples from around the world. In colloboration with 5 Gyres Institute, Algalita has begun researching plastic marine debris in the North and South Atlantic Gyres, South Pacific Gyre, and Indian Ocean Gyre.

Why is it important that we collect more data?
The potential impacts of oceanic micro-plastic pollution, a mid-late 20th century phenomenon, are wide ranging and poorly understood. Algalita's goal is to develop a clear understanding of the impacts of plastic debris in our oceans.