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The Ship-2-Shore Education Program links students from around the world with the plastic pollution research being performed at sea aboard research vessels. Utilizing the research vessel's satellite communication system, this program allows students to follow daily updates from the research crew, as well as to interact directly with the crew by sending questions and comments to the research vessel.

Supplementary resources and lesson plans on the topic of plastic pollution are provided for teachers to enhance their student's learning experience. Students are encouraged to develop stewardship projects to address local plastic pollution issues with the guidance of the AMRI research team.


The Ship-2-Shore program is free and signing up is easy. You must register for the Ship-2-Shore Program to enter the program site. Simply fill out the brief online registration form at this link: Online Registration Form

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The 2012 voyage is complete, please check back for upcoming opportunities!

Ship-2-Shore Educational Resources

Ship-2-Shore Education Program Website

The Ship-2-Shore Education Program has moved to a new web space! The new Ship-2-Shore Education Program website provides students with a connection to our research crew while they are at sea as well as our researchers working on shore in the lab through the Ship-2-Shore Blog. The Ship to Shore Education Blog is a moderated web space for students, educators, and the research crew to share questions, answers, and ideas about the current research voyage and the issue of plastic pollution. The blog is in operation when our research team is at sea, so sign up to see what our research team is working on, ask questions, share your thoughts and learn! Included on this site are interactive maps of current and past voyages, more information about plastic pollution research and related lessons and activities. We will be making suggestions about how to incorporate these lessons into your curriculum throughout the voyage.

Note: You must register for the Ship-2-Shore Program to enter the Ship-2-Shore Program Website.

If you are registered for the program and have received your username and password you can enter the Ship-2-Shore Education Program Website HERE.


The following resources are available for use without registering for the Ship-2-Shore Education Program. Ship-2-Shore Voyages aboard ORV Alguita in Google Maps

While at sea, the crew aboard Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita share their experiences through daily descriptions and pictures. Now you can view several of these research voyages in Google Maps. Click on the sailboat icons to open the description for each day.


Mapping Plastic Marine Pollution: Lessons for Grades 4-12

This Educator's Guide provides lessons that allow students to explore plastic pollution research in the North Pacific Ocean using free Google Earth software. Lessons are aligned to California Science Content Standards and are accompanied by printable activity sheets. Click here to learn more: Mapping Plastic Pollution