An interview conducted by Made out of WHAT – an organization supporting a global movement towards a trash-free world through art and design.

Every so often, one gets the chance to meet people that touch your heart and mind like Captain Charles Moore – the ocean defender that in 1997 discovered the biggest trash island known to humans – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We exchange words about insidious nanoplastics, ocean mythology, ghost fishing, and plastic as the ‘lubricant’ of globalization that is making our hyper convenient culture possible. A material that is odor-free, light, durable and makes the world economy as we know it spin around. The captain concluded that the plastic crisis can only be averted by focusing on holistic solutions, such as localism and zero-waste design strategies. Moore is also the founder of Algalita, an inspiring organization empowering young people to solve the plastic pollution crisis.  Read the full interview here.


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