Take Action. Save our Oceans.

Algalita is committed to addressing the issue within both divisions of our greatest ocean, the Pacific. With a chapter in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re able to connect across the vast ocean and move towards a shared vision.

How it all started..

In November 2016, Algalita bade farewell to Captain Charles Moore and crew as they departed to conduct a six-month long voyage to and throughout the eastern South Pacific. The goal was to assess the current state of plastic pollution in the South Pacific accumulation zone within the eastern sub-tropical gyre. What they found not only confirmed the disturbing presence of the persistent pollutant, plastic, but that the threat extends to even the smallest and remotest areas of our earth.

Who we are

As first mate, Raquelle de Vine saw first hand the extent of pollution in the South Pacific Gyre. One day, while sampling off the coast of Rapa Nui, she spotted a fishing bucket from her home, New Zealand. Upon ending the voyage, her determination to addressing plastic pollution at home sparked the formation of Algalita South Pacific. Working closely with the Algalita team in California, she’s building a chapter to bring quality, culturally specific education on plastic pollution to schools and communities in New Zealand, as well as policy support, research and community action.

Our Goals

To monitor and bring attention to plastic accumulation in the near shore and open ocean areas of the South Pacific. To empower youth to become change-makers of today while preparing them to take on the challenges of the future. To inspire individuals and communities to adopt plastic-smart habits. To design and evaluate solutions with industry, policy makers, businesses, and entrepreneurs within the South Pacific community, while holding each group accountable for their responsibilities, actions, and impacts.

Our Work

Investigated sea surface plastics along the East Coast of NZ in collaboration with the Crown Research Institute [ESR].

Participated in The PURE (Plastic Use Resistance Education) Tour 2018 engaging 850+ participants across the North Island.

Launched Project Wellington: Identifying plastic pellet hot spots in TeWhanganui-a-Tara Harbour.

Engaged 400 NZ youth in workshops and presentations.

Partnered with Greenpeace to pass a NZ-wide ban on single-use plastic bags.


Every bit counts.

Your donation will provide directly to educating primary school students in New Zealand. We believe that in order to make a change, we must educate the leaders of the future.


Join us

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“If we fail to act now, we will be forced to adapt to a different ocean.”

– Raquelle de Vine


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