How It Works

Changing the world is gonna be fun

Here’s the game plan: You’re going to flex your creativity, use your intellect and make your voice be heard. By participating in solutions, you can inspire your community and show those in charge how it’s done.

How to Participate

Sign up here to join Wayfinder Society and start completing your first Waymark. You can also check out our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Speaking of…what’s a Waymark?

A Waymark is a sign, post, or flag placed on a trail by those who blazed it, to show all who follow the right way to go. Our Waymarks are activities we’ve designed to teach you about an issue and inspire you to take specific action.

Waymarks are broken up into four difficulty levels: Stargazer, Adventurer, Visionary and Legend. They’re also categorized by type – sometimes you’ll be doing something creative like writing a song, other times you’ll be talking to local businesses. You can sort Waymarks by clicking on category tags. 


Cairns are stones that are stacked high along trails to mark boundaries or commemorate a location. When you complete a Waymark, you’ll earn Cairns, which you can continue collecting to move up the ranks in Wayfinder Society.


As a member of Wayfinder Society you will not only receive recognition for your achievements, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn rad rewards to help keep you stoked throughout your journey. Rewards include items such as Bureo skateboards made from recycled fishing nets, limited edition Wayfinder Society t-shirts, an all expense paid trip to Algalita’s POPS International Youth Summit, and much more!

What to expect

No two Waymarks are alike. That’s for a reason – there’s no one way to solve plastic pollution and it doesn’t happen overnight. You might find some Waymarks more fun for you, or more in line with what you’re good at – and that’s great! Wayfinders move at their own pace and challenge themselves when they’re ready.

We encourage you to get involved with others at your school or in your community to approach these challenges together. You can also reach out to us at any time, or post questions in the Wayfinder Forum.


Where do I start?

We recommend starting by checking out the Waymarks.  Another good place to start is the forum

How do earn Cairns?

Here is how you earn Cairns.

  1. Visit the Waymarks page 
  2. Choose a Waymark
  3. Read the content and all of it’s associated content (like videos)
  4. Find the section at the end of the Waymark titled “Track”
  5. Complete the quiz, or submit the required materials 
  6. For most lessons your submissions will need to be reviewed and approved before you earn your Cairns 
How do I know how many Cairns I have earned?

Head on over to your profile. You can always find this link in the top right of your screen under “My Profile”, or toward the bottom of the menu if you are on a mobile device. Check out the “All Achievements” section under the Members tab to discover more ways to earn Cairns.

How do I edit my profile or delete my account?

Here is where you edit your profile. You can always find this link in the top right of your screen under “My Profile” > “Edit”, or toward the bottom of the menu if you are on a mobile device. This is the same menu where you will find your account.

What if I have more questions?

Head over to the Forums, there should be some great answers here. Still not finding what you need? You can email us too.

I am not getting my Wayfinder Society emails.

First, make sure that your email address is correct in your account. Also, make sure to add to your address book. Sometimes you may also find our messages in your spam folder.

“The most powerful testimony always comes from the voice of youth”

– Stiv Wilson

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