The Story of Plastic Webinar Series for Educators

Want to engage your students virtually around a multidiscipliary and urgent environmental issue? This webinar series will walk you through a set of resources we’ve designed for this moment.

The Story of Plastic documentary

This full length documentary (90 min.) was created to give the plastic pollution movement a powerful tool for change. It focuses on the complex set of impacts that plastics have on people and our planet – going beyond ocean pollution into topics of environmental justice, human health, and the plastics and fossil fuel industry.

Our webinar series is built around the film to help you engage your students on this topic. It includes a free screening link for you and your students to watch the film.

For grades 6 and up




Webinar Content and Schedule

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Webinar 1:

We’ll cover how to use our virtual film experience guides, introduce you to our online action platform Wayfinder Society, and prepare you with ideas for how to talk about this issue with your students. 

Webinar 2:

Listen in to our conversation with guests from the film and movement, including both youth and adult leaders in policy, environmental justice, zero-waste, as well as the film’s creator and executive producer. 

Webinar 3: June 4th 2021, 1-2 pm PST

This live webinar will be dedicated to answering your questions and your students’ questions about getting involved in the movement, taking action in your community and school, getting involved in Wayfinder Society, etc. We’ll be asking you to send in your questions in ahead of time. 

Why sign up?

This program is free of cost and designed for virtual education.

We’ve made the program flexible to fit your curriculum and class schedule.

Plastic pollution is a multidisciplinary environmental problem that connects to the biggest issues of our time: climate change as well as racial and environmental injustices. We need these issues to be connected in the minds of our youth, and we need to address them seriously.


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Looking for elementary school resources?

Algalita focuses most of our work on students grades 6 and up, but we highly recommend our friends at Cafeteria Culture and their fantastic documentary Microplastic Madness as a kids’ version of The Story of Plastic with the same powerful message!

Microplastic Madness, beautifully outlines the problems with plastic and how they can be addressed at school, centering environmental justice and people of color in science. Free screenings for title one schools!



“Either we shape our future or stand passively by while it shapes us.”

-Charles Saylan


Help us build our community by donating or sharing our resources with a teacher, young person or family member. Together, we can arrive at a future free of plastic pollution.


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