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Sep 1, 2019


Welcome to Wayfinder Society, a club developed to give you guided drift on your journey to create a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable. My name is Michael Doshi, but you can call me Doshi. I’m the Leadership Programs Manager at Algalita. On the global plastic pollution prevention team, I’m known as the Gnarly Beach Cleaner. My mission is to spread awareness of plastic pollution through fun and positivity! For some of you, this is your first time being involved in solutions to plastic pollution. Some of you have been involved for years. Wherever you are on your journey, you are right where you are supposed to be!

I am a Wayfinder in the fight against plastic pollution. I’ll tell you a bit about my journey so far to help solve plastic pollution. Concerned about seeing plastic pollution in the environment and the ocean, I decided to take action. I started out small, picking up trash by myself at my local beach.

Over the past five years my involvement in the plastic pollution prevention movement has grown into a career. I work hard to better understand plastic pollution issues and I utilize my unique skill set to spread awareness of these issues to a global audience. I’ve volunteered with the Surfrider Foundation-Los Angeles Chapter, acted as a member of Heal the Bay’s Speakers Bureau, and have been a 5 Gyres Ambassador. I’ve sailed the high seas of the South Pacific Gyre with Captain Charles Moore and Algalita, cleaned remote coastlines on the island of Moloka’i with Kahi Pacarro and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and conducted waste investigations in Indonesia and The Philippines with Stiv Wilson and Story of Stuff.

Through my experiences around the world I’ve learned that each community and culture has its own unique plastic footprint. They good news is, there are people just like you and I working to end plastic pollution around the world. I’ve also learned that no matter how serious the issues are, it’s important to find time to have fun and enjoy nature! I believe in staying stoked while working to solve plastic pollution, positivity is contagious! You will notice enjoyment as an underlying theme in Wayfinder Society.

The Algalita team has developed this program for you, because we have been in your position. We are the activists, the class clowns, the poets, the citizen scientists, the business people, the philosophers, the athletes, the social media influencers, the introverts, the daydreamers, and so many others. We are the plastic pollution prevention community and we need you on our team to solve these issues in your local area.

Along your journey you will learn lessons from experts in the field. These are people who spend every day working to understand the complex systems contributing to plastic pollution. All of these experts, in their own unique way, are working to solve this epidemic. They are everyday people who are passionate about applying their skills to the cause and they want to help you do the same..

This program will strengthen your connection with your intuition and teach you how to use the tools around you to participate in or create solutions in your local community. Algalita shares your vision and is beyond excited to have you as a member of Wayfinder Society. Welcome to the team!

Remember to always make it fun and to stay stoked!

Sincerely stoked,

-Doshi, The Gnarly Beach Cleaner

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