Introducing the 2024 Wayfinder Society Student Mini-Grant Cohort

Jun 5, 2024 | Community News, Insight, Program Updates, Student Spotlight

Every year, non-profit Algalita, through the Wayfinder Society program, awards $15,000 in mini-grants to students aged 11-25 from around the world who are tackling plastic pollution and related environmental issues. These funds support a wide range of projects, including community events, internships, research, education and more. This year, we are proud to award 10 remarkable individuals with the Student Mini-Grant.

From the United States to Rwanda to Peru, this cohort of students are doing incredible work in their local communities educating and inspiring individuals to join us in this international movement to educate about plastic pollution while also uplifting creative solutions. This is no small feat, yet these inspiring individuals are dedicating their time, energy, and schooling to furthering this meaningful work. Each of their journeys represent a ripple – echoing out in their network, inspiring their sphere of influence, and proving that the plastic conversation is an important issue for all of us to collectively address. 

Without further adieu, here is the 2024 Wayfinder Society Student Mini-Grant Cohort:


Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Anghy

Anghy | Peru

Anghy was invited to attend this year’s International Model United Nations/STEAM Summer Program, organized by the UNESCO Center for Peace. This opportunity will enable her to collaborate with other young changemakers, raising awareness of plastic pollution and other harmful pollutants affecting her home country, Peru. Watch Anghy’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Shamsuddeen

Shamsuddeen | Nigeria

In 2023, Shamsuddeen founded Eco Poets, an awareness creation project aimed at using poetry as a tool to change the mindsets of his community members around climate change and other environmental issues. Eco Poets is currently working on new content directly related to plastic pollution to inspire change in Kano State, Nigeria and beyond. Watch Shamsuddeen’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Chloe

Chloe | United States & Scotland

Chloe will be conducting research for her Master’s dissertation through the University of Edinburgh. She will explore the socio-ecological and cultural impacts of marine plastic pollution on Scottish island communities specifically on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Watch Chloe’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Pius

Pius | Malawi

Pius was invited to attend the World Youth and Social Enterprise conference in Italy this Summer, where he will have the opportunity to share his two digital platforms, Mimilink and Greenify Global, meant to streamline information on sustainable practices across Malawi and beyond. Watch Pius’ video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Diego

Diego | Mexico & Canada

Dori is an adjunct professor at Stark State College and a high school teacher. She is a lifelong learner who believes that the best way to be a good educator is to always be a student yourself and learn from the amazing world around us!  She is motivated to make a difference in the lives of everyone she knows and within her community. Watch Diego’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Hannah

Hannah | United States & England

Hannah will be starting her master’s degree in England studying Marine Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter. Her focus is on advancing research in ecotoxicology, particularly studying the impacts of pollutants like microplastics on marine organisms and their habitats.​ Watch Hannah’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Yujin

Yujin | Japan & United States

Yujin will be interning and conducting research this summer in Japan to further his education on the topic of plastic pollution. His internships will be with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology for their International Pellet Watch project and the Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society. Watch Yujin’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Sulaiman

Sulaiman | Nigeria

Sulaiman is organizing community events aimed at fostering plastic pollution awareness within North Eastern Nigeria. Through these initiatives, he seeks to educate residents and advocate for sustainable practices. In addition, he will create educational flyers and other materials in the local language for wider distribution in the community. Watch Sulaiman’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Rae

Rae | Canada

Rae is one of 60 youths out of 670 applicants to be invited to attend the World Youth Parliament on Water in Indonesia this Summer to advocate for healthy waterways globally. During the conference, Rae plans on creating a multimedia campaign documenting the proceedings, outcomes, and calls to action during the conference. Watch Rae’s video here.

Student Mini-Grant Awardee 2024 Foday

Foday | Rwanda

Foday attends African Leadership University in his home country of Rwanda. He is currently planning an educational workshop on plastic pollution at his university in Kigali, Rwanda to educate students about plastic pollution, solutions to help the problem, and inspire them to join the movement. Watch Foday’s video here.

Here’s to the 2024 Wayfinder Society Student Mini-Grant Cohort and their incredible contributions to the plastic pollution movement!