We’ve laid out our top ways to take action at home, school, in your community, and beyond!

“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

 – Rumi


Join students around the world by using these step-by-step guides to make a positive impact.


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Earn community service hours, apply for a mini-grant, and share your story!

Stop plastic pollution in its tracks.

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Ask Your Elders

Learn how your elders lived with less plastic before the 1970s and get sustainability tips from them.

Grandmonther and three kids baking together.

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Explore Uplifting Solutions

Explore Uplifting Solutions

Tune into The Indisposable Podcast to hear inspiring discussions about how people are making "reduce and reuse" a reality.

Begin at home

Our homes are a comfy and easy place to start making change!

School your school on being green

Changing habits at school has a multiplying impact – with the power to influence your whole community and beyond.

Our communities are our core units

Starting local is not only easier, but smarter. Change one community and the impact can grow from there.

Take it beyond your community to the global stage

Global collaboration is the key to shifting systemic issues.

Inspire and Educate your Community

Share your knowledge with others to multiply your impact!

Get Ready to Reuse

Reusing what we already have is the way forward!

Ask Your Elders

Ask Your Elders

Learn about how your elders maximized their resources before the deluge of “disposables”.

Tackle Litter

Keep trash out of the environment.

Eat Without Plastic

Reduce plastic packaging and single-use foodware used at home, in school, and in your city.


By composting we isolate plastics as the main problem-material – and reduce carbon emissions!

Banish Plastic Bags

One of the easiest ways to reduce plastic in our lives.

Join the Movement

There are hundreds of organizations and thousands of people from around the world working together to address plastic pollution. Join us!

Take Civic Action

Use your voice to change laws and create lasting impact.

Make change in 1 day

These actions are all created take 3 hours or less to complete! Every small action makes a difference.

Ask Your Elders

Ask Your Elders

Learn about how your elders maximized their resources before the deluge of “disposables”.

Make change in 1 week

These actions are all created take between 4 and 8 hours, which you can distribute across a week! These project are great for school assignments, collecting community service hours, or just challenging yourself to dig in a bit deeper!

Go big and take charge!

These actions are all created to take more than 8 hours. These are big projects, so plan about a month or more to go from start to finish. Completing such a big project means big impact!