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Pennsylvania | Community Leadership

My project is a multi-day march through the Ohio River Valley to bring attention to the proposed petrochemical buildout in the region and associated infrastructure including pipelines, fracking infrastructure, and fracking waste with the goal of amplifying fights in our region and energizing the local community.

What keeps me stoked?

Something that has always helped me stay stoked are the people I’m in community with – I’m so grateful for their passion, wisdom, deep commitment to justice, and love for each other as people and not just for their contributions to the movement.


Ontario, Canada | Simply Lotus

SimplyLotus is a company committed to eliminating plastic pollution and revolutionizing the fashion industry by creating a variety of up-cycled bags.

What keeps me stoked?

Hearing conversations about change-making and efforts to make sustainable lifestyles more attainable keep me stoked.


Hawai’i | Community Composting Hub

As part of our mission to reduce greenhouse gases, it is imperative that we collaborate with other schools/organizations for community action in unison.

What keeps me stoked?

As a native Hawaiian, I am fueled by the spirit from my Kupuna (ancestors); I connect my ancestral knowledge with action and continue to link the past to the future.


New Jersey | Youth.ify Soapbox Festival

My Stay Stoked project is the SoapBox Festival hosted by Youth.ify, a virtual, global event designed to inspire cohesion and collaboration in the youth environmental movement.

What keeps me stoked?

Something that keeps me stoked is my amazing team members and Youth.ify’s Board of Directors who work incredibly hard together and also have incredible amounts of fun!


California | Community Leadership

The purpose of my social media project is to further develop my video editing skills to create fun and engaging educational content around living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, so it motivates young teens and adults to look for solutions to the multiple issues around plastic pollution.

What keeps me stoked?

I stay stoked by living in the present moment because we have a limited time on earth, so why not experience all that we can and look to become a better version of ourselves every day.


Hawai’i | Community Leadership

I am a junior at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and I am aiming for a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Communicology, Economics, and Political Sciences. My goal is to acquire the skills, knowledge, and academic education needed to be a well-rounded lawmaker who can advocate for the local community, with an emphasis on youth rights and the environment.

What keeps me stoked?

Being with other youth who are also making waves in the movement to beat plastic pollution!


California | Dooryard Market

My project, the Dooryard Market, is a blueprint for other groups to replicate that focuses on reducing both plastic and food waste while also building a supportive community.

What keeps me stoked?

Spending time with my family, cool foggy days, monarchs in my milkweed, growing Brussels sprouts and melons, and seeing extended family members take meaningful action for our planet.


South Australia, Australia | Litterless Lunchboxes

Litterless Lunchboxes is all about fighting single use plastic waste in lunchboxes: educating school communities about the issues and providing solutions to help them fight plastic!

What keeps me stoked?

Swimming, surfing, snorkeling and just exploring the sea; nothing brings me more peace and total positivity than the ocean!


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West Virginia | Community Leadership

I will be collaborating with groups including the newly-formed Youth for Appalachian Justice Coalition to expand anti-oppression work in our plastics and petrochemical organizing efforts through mutual aid, reparative justice, and coalition-building efforts, in addition to communicating my research about the pipeline buildout in the Ohio River Valley and supporting other student organizers in the region.

What keeps me stoked?

I stay stoked seeing all of the awesome, inspiring young organizers in the region fighting for a liberatory Appalachian future.


California | Campus and Community Leadership

During the pandemic, I created and worked on implementing a seven-year contract to find alternatives to phase out and remove the sale of single-use plastics at Cerritos College. With these funds, I will invest in my education at San Diego State University as I continue to educate myself on advocating for a sustainable and breathable future.

What keeps me stoked?

This campaign did not arise by itself; I appreciate Salvador Uribe, Gisselle Delgadillo, Hector Ledesma, Valery Escobar, Young Gyras, Amna Jara, and Dr. Ryan Goode for your contribution and support on this campaign. Having an incredible team and support group that keeps on advocating for a zero-waste campus back at home keeps me stoked for the future leaders that will lead this sustainable movement for the better of our communities.


California | A Change Is a Chance

A Change is a Chance is a podcast I started almost 2 years ago with the goal of educating youth about our most pressing issues from climate change, plastic pollution to systemic racism. My goal is to expand A Change is a Chance into an international youth community where we can share ideas, discuss problems, mobilize across borders and take action to find solutions for our generation.

What keeps me stoked?

What makes me super stoked is knowing that someone learned something because of what I published and they passed that knowledge on, or when someone decides to join the Plastic Free movement because of one of my interviews! I was 8 when I did my first Plastic Free July. There is no age too old or too young to make change. When I can change a 70 year old’s mind on global warming being real, or encourage a 5 year old to cut out one plastic in his life, it keeps me stoked for a lifetime!


Connecticut | Artist and Musician, The Party Is Over

The Stay Stoked award money will help as I pursue a degree in animation and continue to use my art to speak out for the planet.

What keeps me stoked?

Reaching more people with the environmental messages of my art and music!


Limpopo Province, South Africa | She4Earth

She4Earth is about educating rural communities about plastic pollution and how it’s linked to climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss – setting up school gardens and planting fruit trees.

What keeps me stoked?

Nothing stokes me more than a solution that transforms people’s lives.


Florida | Campus Leadership

I am creating a guide to help college students understand and utilize their school’s beverage contract as a way of making their university more sustainable.

What keeps me stoked?

Finding time for joy and rest keeps me stoked in this movement, I love going on picnics with friends and teaching myself how to grow various plants and veggies!


Arizona | Education and Advocacy

The goal is to raise awareness and spark discussion on a state-wide level on the consequences for limiting Arizona cities’ power for regulating single-use containers and recycling through the “ban on bag bans”; including discussion of reformation and addressing concerns of local stakeholders.

What keeps me stoked?

What keeps me stoked is seeing people become passionate about helping their community through volunteering, bringing people together, and raising awareness about local issues.

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