What We’ve Accomplished

We dream big and think big. But to truly make our movement matter, we need to act big. We sparked the first research questions in the field, and from the beginning we’ve grown our mission on the foundation of our successes.



Algalita was the first organization to analyze samples from all five subtropical gyres. We also developed the world’s first set of research protocols for sampling ocean plastic pollution, conducting 14 collaborative expeditions in the process.

Thought Leadership

We’ve shared our expertise and passion across industries, contributing to the world’s first plastic exposure guide for physicians and developing the first ocean plastic pollution teaching kit for educators. Over our history, we’ve authored over two dozen scientific publications on plastic pollution.



Policy Influence

Algalita actively engages with policy makers in California. We helped develop the first comprehensive, statewide action plan to reduce sources of plastic pollution.

South Pacific Expansion

We’ve done extensive work in the Southern Hemisphere, including developing the first ocean plastic pollution monitoring program in this part of the ocean, providing the first ever baseline data set for northern Chile, and founding a South Pacific chapter of Algalita.


Education Innovation

Our ongoing academic programs have engaged over 2150 teachers and 275,800 students, providing in-class science workshops, teacher training and field research opportunities. All together, our leadership programs have helped launch over 146 waste reduction campaigns in schools spanning 24 countries.


Algalita co-founded both the first NGO alliance (Plastic Pollution Coalition) and first plastic industry alliance (Trash Free Seas Alliance) focused on ocean pollution. We also co-hosted the first annual Ocean Heroes Bootcamp alongside UN Environment and several organizations from across the nation.



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