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Here we’ll share strategies that will help us move towards a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable.

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Biomimicry – Better Design Inspired by Nature

Many of our products today use plastic, helping us meet our product design challenges but causing all sorts of problems for our environment and health. Nature has created functional AND safe materials for millennia, so let’s pull out the magnifying glass, put on our curiosity hat, and learn from her.

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A Net Plus – Giving Fishing Nets a New Start

This video by Patagonia highlights the work of our friends at Bureo, a company working with fishing communities in Chile to collect and recycle fishing nets. Creating community-based collection systems, stable end-markets, and designing products for recyclability is key to keeping plastics out of the environment.

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Breathe This Air: A #PlasticJustice Film

This short film by Peak Plastic Foundation, helps us change the narrative by centering the humans impacted by plastic production. The health of the environment is important but focusing on the impacts to our own communities is key to creating lasting change together.

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