2 Hours

Your mission:

Design a reusable bag from a t-shirt or any repurposed material.


Single-use plastic bags can easily be swapped out for a reusable alternative! Plastic bags are lightweight, effortlessly make their way into the environment, and can harm nature, animals, and humans.

What you need to know:

The Bahamas Plastic Movement is a vibrant non-profit organization focused on building a community of education and activism around preventing plastic pollution. They have been working on creative solutions to single-use plastic bags in the Bahamas, which is why we will be using them as a good example of how to make a reusable bag!

What to do:

Watch this video to learn how to make a creative reusable bag from a t-shirt. Figure out what type of durable material you would like to repurpose into a reusable bag. Then create your own reusable bag!

What to watch out for:
  • Think about the items you will be putting in the bag to make sure you are choosing strong enough material.
  • Make sure to create the bag out of material that can be washed if dirty.
  • Add a fun design or message on the bag to attract people’s attention! If people like your bag they might want to make their own.
  • Creating reusable bags with a group of friends or family is a great way to spend quality time while spreading awareness of single-use plastic alternatives.
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This Action was created in collaboration with Bahamas Plastic Movement.

Cover Image Photo Credit: Deep Creek Middle School.

Where to next?

Explore the lessons and actions that build off this one to continue on your journey to address the plastic problem!

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