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5 Hours

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Your mission

What do you think is an important way people should take action to address the plastic problem or a related environmental-social issue? Design your own Action that does not yet exist in Wayfinder Society that you think students around the world should try for themselves.

Time Commitment: 5 or more Hours

Range of Impact: Home, School, Community, Global

Why this Action is impactful

Everyone has a unique set of perspectives, skills, values, and life experience, so everyone has a unique contribution to make to the world. Share your idea for how to address plastic pollution.

What to know before getting started

To really create a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable, we need every possible solution. Share your solution with us, whether it is a traditional practice of reducing waste in your culture, something you do with you family to address plastic pollution, or something you learned about and incorporated into your life!

What to do

Submit an Action that you think people around the world should do to address the plastic problem. Write it out in the Wayfinder Society format which includes the following sections:

  • The title: Give your Action a catchy name that describes the Action and will hook readers into wanting to learn more and do the action!
  • The mission: In a few sentences give a brief overview of what someone will accomplish by doing the Action.
  • Why this Action is impactful: Tell us why this Action is important for solving plastic pollution.
  • What you need to know before you start: This includes any background information that is necessary or helpful to know before completing the Action.
  • What to do: Provide a detailed breakdown of the steps a person must take to successfully complete the Action.
  • Tips and suggestions: Make a list of tips and suggestions that will help people be successful with this Action.

Earn a certificate: If Algalita selects your Action to be added to the Wayfinder Society website, we’ll ask for your permission first and send you a special certificate!

Tips and Suggestions

  • Make sure your Action can be realistically achieved by anyone.
  • Dream big, then start with a easily achieved first step. 
  • Search online to see if there are any individuals or organizations that are doing something similar to your proposed Action. Tweak your idea if necessary, or reach out to them to collaborate!
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Brainstorm to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Talk with people in your community to see what they would like to change. Solving real problems people experience is the starting point for all great ideas.

Track your contribution

To submit your work and get recognized for your contribution to your community, complete the form below. If we approve your submission, you’ll be awarded 5 Hours.

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