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3 Hours

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Your mission

Read a book about plastic pollution aloud to a class.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours

Range of Impact: School

Why this Action is impactful

Stories are powerful agents for learning. Connecting with young students and sharing that you care about sustainability is especially meaningful.  

What to know before getting started

Here are some of our favorite kid’s books on the topic of plastic pollution:

Kindergarten – Grade 5






Grades 6-12


What to do

  1. Connect with a teacher to ask if you can read to their class. This could be your current teacher, a teacher you used to have, one a younger sibling has, or one your parents know.  You could also ask your local library or bookstore if you can read to a group there.
  2. Pick a picture book from the list above, or another one you know of, and read it through to familiarize yourself with the story.  
  3. Show the book to the teacher to get their permission to read it, and make sure it’s age appropriate. Pick a date and time you’ll come to the class to read. 
  4. Do your story time read-aloud! 

Getting a book:

  1. Ask your library to order it for their collection: Ask your local library or the school library to order one or multiple books on the list. You can also do this before your read-aloud, then check out the book to use for your read-aloud, so you don’t need to purchase it yourself.  This will help extend your impact even further by giving other students in the school and community access to the book!
  2. Purchase and donate: If you’d like to purchase the book, consider donating it to the teacher for their classroom library, or to the school or local library.  

   If you’re planning to track your Hours for this Action, make sure to print this permission form and get it signed by the teacher on the day of your read-aloud. 

Tips and suggestions

  • Have fun! 
  • Remember to introduce yourself to the class and share why you are going to read to them before you do your read-aloud.
  • Speak clearly and slowly, and show the pictures.
  • Remember to ask the class if they have questions for you after your read-aloud.

Track your contribution

To submit your work and get recognized for your contribution to your community, complete the form below. If we approve your submission, you’ll be awarded 3 Hours.

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