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2 Hours

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Your mission

Tune into The Indisposable Podcast to hear inspiring discussions about how people are making “reduce and reuse” a reality.

Time Commitment: 2 Hours

Range of Impact: Home

This Action is part of the Story of Plastic Classroom Experience Guide.
This Action was created in partnership with UPSTREAM.

Why this Action is impactful

There are already thousands of people around the globe dedicated to making plastic pollution a thing of the past. Learning about what’s being done will help you get involved and strengthen your critical thinking muscles.

What to know before getting started

There is an ever-growing set of ideas for solutions to plastic pollution. Many of them are discussed on The Indisposable Podcast created by UPSTREAM. UPSTREAM is a non-profit that believes there is a better way than throw-away. They spark innovative solutions to plastic pollution through business transformation, policy creation, and culture change.

What to do

Find The Indisposable Podcast on the UPSTREAM website or on your favorite podcast app. Pick an episode and listen to it! Then answer the questions below.

Tips and Suggestions

  •  If you hear something that interests you, we encourage you to seek out more information on the topic! 
  • It is easy to share podcast episodes with friends and family to keep spreading the message.

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