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3 Hours

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Your mission

Find out how your local government is structured.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours

Range of Impact: Community

This Action is part of the Story of Plastic Classroom Experience Guide.

Why this project is impactful

Your local government is the most direct opportunity for you and your community to influence politics, and the stance and action your area takes on plastic pollution. Small, local victories often translate into success at higher levels of government.

What to know before getting started

The word “civics” means: the study of the rights and duties of the community member. Studying civics is all about understanding how to participate in government, and is the key to knowing how to influence your community through advocacy. A good place to start is to investigate what your local government looks like. Once you understand that, you can participate with more clarity.

What to do

Get to know your local government by filling out this worksheet. You may find the answers on your local government’s website, but you may need to call or write to local stakeholders while conducting your research. Try contacting your representative’s office to talk to an assistant. Talking to your local government representatives will help you realize they are people too – just like you – serving you as one of their constituents. They’ll be happy to hear from you!

Tips and suggestions

In the last section of the worksheet grid, you’ll be looking at districts and demographics. Council districts are different sections of your city. Demographics refers to the statistics of the population living in the area you’re studying, and usually includes criteria such as ethnicity, wealth, and age.

Track your contribution

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Learn more

Check out the educational videos below to learn more about this topic.

Understanding Power – Eric Liu

When solving a huge problem like plastic pollution, it helps to understand how power structures influence the systems we live in.

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