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2 Hours

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Your mission

Start a litterless lunch trend at your school! 

Time Commitment: 2 Hours

Range of Impact: Home, School

This Action was created in collaboration with Hannah Smailes, founder of SeaGood.

Why this Action is impactful

Sharing is caring, especially when we’re sharing our ideas for a better planet.  

What to know before getting started

The Nude Food trend and Litterless Lunchbox Toolkit were created by Hannah Smailes, a 17-year-old Aussie conservationist and educator, and one of our original Student Mini-Grant awardees! She’s working to change the culture around packing lunch to be healthier and more sustainable. You can use her Litterless Lunchbox Toolkit to learn tips for packing a litterless lunch. Share the link with your friends and classmates so they can join in. 

What to do

Pick a day, and get at least 5 friends, classmates, or teachers to pack a litterless lunch! Upload a photo of your litterless lunches. A litterless lunch must not include:

  • Single-use plastic baggies 
  • Single-use plastic utensils 
  • Single-use plastic straws 
  • Single-use plastic wrappers
  • Single-use plastic beverage containers

Tips and suggestions

  • Make it a competition! Challenge your friends, classmates, and teachers to see who can pack a litterless lunchbox the most days in a row. Or have classrooms compete to see who can reduce their waste the most. Prizes like reusable packaging can be a great incentive and build some friendly competition in the school.
  • You may not be able to bring glass containers to school. Check with admin.
  • Use non-plastic reusable items whenever possible. Over time plastic chemicals have the potential to leach out and could get into your food, especially if the container is exposed to sun and/or heat.

Track your contribution

To submit your work and get recognized for your contribution to your community, complete the form below. If we approve your submission, you’ll be awarded 6 Hours.

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Multiply your impact

Share a picture of your litterless lunch. Don’t forget to tag us @algalita and use the hashtags #nudefood #litterlesslunch #wayfindersociety #plasticpollutes

Learn more

Check out the educational videos below to learn more about this topic.


South Australia, Australia | Litterless Lunchboxes

Litterless Lunchboxes is all about fighting single use plastic waste in lunchboxes: educating school communities about the issues and providing solutions to help them fight plastic!

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