In this video by Tree Media, the woman who has led the Biomimicry revolution, Janine Benyus, explains this fascinating field of work that combines science, engineering, design, and sustainability. 

Discover Nature’s hidden sustainability secrets

Learning from Nature can help us create a healthy and sustainable world where humans live in harmony with the environment. When we develop solutions to our biggest environmental problems, like plastic pollution, it makes sense to look to Nature for ideas. People who study biomimicry observe nature then use engineering, design, chemistry, biology, and more to apply Nature’s way to human-made technologies and systems. A good place for young biomimics to start, is to learn about the 10 unifying patterns of nature – the rules that Nature follows.

10 unifying patterns of Nature

People studying biomimicry have observed certain patters emerging in how Nature and her systems work.

Visual explains 10 unifying patterns of nature

Learn more about these patterns with the explanations and examples in this resource created by Biomimicry Institute.


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See our Answer Key for easy grading: Be a Biomimic – Answer Key.

Dig Deeper

Biomimicry is an exciting new field with endless ideas to explore. Here are some of our favorite biomimicry resources to explore:

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