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3 Hours

Photo credit: The Story of Plastic

Your mission

Watch The Story of Plastic documentary and share your thoughts with us.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours

Range of Impact: Home

Why this Action is impactful

This film is one of the best tools for understanding the complex impacts of plastics on people and our planet. We care about how this film impacts you. By sharing your thoughts and feelings with our team, we can provide you with better tools and guidance.

What to know before getting started

Filmed around the world, The Story of Plastic is a visually striking full-length documentary that shows how plastic pollution connects us all. It reveals how plastic pollutes at all stages – from fossil-fuel extraction to disposal. Although it focuses on the seriousness and urgency of plastic pollution, the film highlights positive and uplifting solutions that people are innovating around the world! It’s a tool that the global movement to end plastic pollution can use to coordinate its actions across the globe.

What to do

Watch the documentary and use this Stop & Jot Worksheet to take notes as you watch and reflect afterwards.

The documentary is available on Amazon (S1 E1 is the full film) for $2.99. It is also available on Apple TV and Xfinity video-on-demand, or through The Story of Stuff website

Need help to cover the streaming cost? Email us at wayfinder [at] and we’ll reimburse you.

Tips and Suggestions

There are a lot of ideas and complex issues discussed in the film.  If there is something you don’t understand, try doing more research on it or email us with your question.

There is striking footage in the film, which, while not violent or inappropriate, can be hard to watch. Take several deep breaths, sit outside, or have a conversation with friends or family to help you process your emotions and thoughts. Remember, there are people across the globe working to solve this systemic problem, and who are here to support you. We’re all in this together!

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