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1 Hour

Photo credit: Algalita

Your mission

Write a letter to a hero in The Story of Plastic film to thank them for sharing their story.

Time Commitment: 1 Hour

Range of Impact: Home, Global

Why this project is impactful

We’re all in this together and it’s important that we show each other support!

What to know before getting started

The heroes in the film are people who have dedicated a lot of their life to addressing the issue of plastic pollution and the negative impacts on humans. Find a list of the heroes in the film and people who made the film here.

What to do

  1. Watch The Story of Plastic documentary.
  2. After watching the documentary, write a letter to one of the people in the film who you’d like to connect with. 
  3. Send your letter to us so we can pass it on to the hero. Upload the email, text, or a picture of your handwritten letter in the Track section below. You can also send us the original hand-written copy in the mail, addressed to: Algalita, 148 N. Marina Dr. Long Beach, CA 90803, or send an email version to If you email us, make sure to write “Letters to a Hero – SOP” in the subject line.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Use this list of the cast and crew to identify the name of the hero in the film that you want to write to.
  • In your letter you can share what part of their story or message resonated with you, a question you have for them or a statement of support. 
  • If you are doing any work to prevent plastic pollution, let the hero know!
  • Remember to sign your name! 

Track your contribution

To submit your work and get recognized for your contribution to your community, complete the form below. If we approve your submission, you’ll be awarded 1 Hour.

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