Journey Together Action Challenge

Join our Earth Month team competition!

April 1 – April 30, 2024

​About this challenge:

During the month of April, students can participate in the Journey Together Action Challenge to compete with their friends and classmates to make BIG Impact this Earth month. Students from across the globe are welcome to join in on the fun and the winning team will win $500. 

How to participate:

  1. Assemble your team. Your team must be 2-4 people total.  
  2. Create a Team account in the Student Hub.
  3. Work together to complete as many Actions as possible between April 1st and April 30th by submitting the form at the bottom of each Action page.
  4. Watch the competition in real time – regularly check out the leader board to see how you’re doing compared to other teams!
  5. The winning team will be awarded $500 and highlighted at our Wayfinder Society End of the Year Ceremony in May!

Team Leaderboard

Team Name


ADHD Nigeria 0
Anayo 3
Bakuwai 0
Brianna Romero 0
Chrifacaf 0
CleanEnvtChampions 0
Communitycatalysts. 0
Donzo2024 0
EcoDuo 0
Ecodura 0
Eco-pi 0
Ecowarriors 0
GoEcoLovers 0
Greenteam1010 0
Igniters 0
Kupfumaishungu 0
Landomsharonrimeshi 0
Markoalex 0
Ms Olivia 0
Nourishes 0
Planet Hunters 0
Plastic Murders 0
Plastic Period 15
Plastic Removable 0
SSC Leadership Team 9
SurfriderMB 0
Teamchock 0
Team Recycle 0
Techsolutions 0
TheGoGetters 3
the wildligfe warriors 0
Together for Better 0
Wakulima Bomba 0
We May Fly 0

*Leaderboard will be updated weekly.

Challenge Details

How do we submit Actions as a Team?

Each Team must sign up with 1 account managed by the Team Manager (can be a student or adult). Your team members can work together or individually to complete Actions, as the team decides. Most Actions are well suited for team work or team participation, while some are better suited for individuals. For those, select a team member to take the lead. They should work with the team manager to enter the submission on the Team Manager’s account.

How will our Team's submitted Actions be reviewed?

Your submissions will be reviewed by real humans working at Algalita. We will be approving or rejecting submissions on a grading scale. Submissions will be judged for quality of answers (see below), completeness, authenticity, and personality. Most of the questions in the submission forms do not have correct answers. We want to see your effort, creativity, and thoughtfulness in your answers.

What is Wayfinder Society's Generative AI policy?

We understand that we are in the age of AI. AI is a powerful learning tool but has its limitations. As we want to maintain the educational authenticity and quality of our program, we use tools and our intuition to detect AI.

Your response must be original and register as maximum 30% AI-generated in our third-party testing, or it will be declined. We would rather see your effort, and a few spelling and grammatical errors, than a perfect but boring submission created by AI.

Do our Action submissions need to be in English?

No. We are thrilled that our Wayfinder Society community is international We know that not everyone is a native English speaker, so if you feel more comfortable crafting your response in your native language, feel free to do so. Either, you can use an online translation tool to translate your responses to English, or we will do so on our end before reviewing. 

Will my past Actions apply to the challenge?

No, only Actions submitted in the month of April 2024 will be considered for the Journey Together Action Challenge.

How big can my team be?

Teams must be at least 2 people, and no more than 4 people.

Can we still participate if we sign up after April 1st?

Yes! All completed Actions must be submitted by the end of April 30th to be considered. 

Can we see how the other teams are doing throughout the competition?

Yes, students and educators can visit this page to check out the competition on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will be updated weekly.  

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