Introducing our Incredible Strategic Advisor Carmen Dukes

Jul 6, 2023 | Community News

Wayfinder Society is for environmental educators who believe in the power of collective action. It is an online platform hosting a robust offering of classroom and teaching resources that makes it easy for educators to create a fun, dynamic, and engaging classroom and to inspire their students through environmental awareness and action. Every other month, we highlight an educator in our network. This time we are highlighting one of the masterminds behind Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education – Carmen Dukes – who was integral in guiding the Algalita team and crafting the strategy and design of this program that we are so excited to share with educators around the world. 

Headshot of Carmen Dukes

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for Carmen Dukes — a friend, mentor, and advisor of Algalita. Carmen joined our team to lead the development of a strategic plan for our newest program, Wayfinder Society for Environment Education. Through working together, Carmen has helped us share our story in a way that authentically honors our rich history in building a web of connections between researchers, activists, industry leaders, educators, and young people across the globe. 

We are excited to share this video, produced by our amazing videographer @colemccarthyfilm as a celebration of Carmen’s work and the recent launching of Wayfinder Society – our online program that offers free environmental education lesson plans, classroom toolkits, activity guides, and more for all grade levels.

Learn more about Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education and how you can start using these free resources in your classroom today!

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