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3 Hours

Your mission:

Give the ocean a voice by sending a Love Letter to the Sea.


In today’s digital world it’s rare to receive a beautifully designed handwritten note. Sending one is a great way to get the attention of influencers or decision-makers in your community.

What you need to know:

Love Letters to the Sea is a creative letter writing project that promotes positive change for our ocean. The letter you create can be sent to local businesses, decision-makers, influencers, or non-profits.

What to do:

Determine who you’d like to send your letter to and why. If the ocean could talk to them directly, what would it say? Creatively express how it feels to be at the ocean or around water. Let the voice of the ocean flow through you as you follow this guide.

What to watch out for:
  • If you’re not hand-delivering your letter, make sure the envelope can withstand shipping.
  • Make sure to include enough postage.
  • Add colorful artwork to the letter and envelope to help communicate your ideas and make it stand out.
  • Repurpose old magazines, maps, and cards.
Track Your Contribution To Solving Plastic Pollution:

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This Action was created in collaboration with Lost Art of Love Letters.

Cover image photo credit: Algalita

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