Live your best non-toxic, plastic free life.

2.5 miles from the CSULB campus

About the Shop

In 2017, BYO at Algalita opened as the first refill shop in Los Angeles County. Our refill bar includes non-toxic home and personal care products like soaps, shampoos, detergents, cleaners, and other essentials. We also offer a variety of reusable and plastic-free goods that support low waste living.

This shop is a partnership between Bring Your Own Long Beach and Algalita, an organization dedicated to ending plastic pollution.


WE ARE OPEN MONDAY – FRIDAY from 11am – 5pm. Follow BYO Long Beach on Instagram for real-time closure updates.

GET EXCITED ABOUT THE 10% DISCOUNT for customers who travel to our store via alternative transportation (ie: not your car)!


BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS TO REFILL. Consider the shape, size, and functionality of each one to ensure it’s a good fit for your product needs. Repurposed containers are recommended, though we also offer new containers for purchase at the shop.

WEIGH, FILL, WEIGH & PAY. When you arrive, weigh your containers, then fill them up, and weigh them again. You can purchase as much, or as little, product as you like. Most products are sold by the ounce, and our store staff is happy to show you how the scales work!

Meet the Owner

Julie Darrell

“I was able to find package-free foods at the farmers market and local grocery stores.  But finding package-free soaps and body care products was near impossible.  I figured that I can’t be the only one looking for these products, so I started Bring Your Own Long Beach.”

Learn more, see other locations, and shop online at


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