First, we change our relationship with plastic.
Then, we change the world.

Algalita started with an eye-opening discovery in the North Pacific.

When Founder Captain Charles Moore discovered a massive area of plastic soup floating in the Pacific Ocean, the question wasn’t how it got there – it was how our consumption habits had spiraled so out of control.

Our mission is not to pick trash out of the sea. It’s to fundamentally shift our way of thinking on land. We empower young people to think critically, demand action and be agents for change. When we educate, the next generation responds with solutions. They get behind a cause that has wide-ranging impact, and they support it with fervor.

Envision a future once thought impossible.

The time is now to teach better, think better and act better. Guided by our founder’s wisdom and through the use of modern technology, Algalita is creating responsible citizens with the ability to dream big and successfully combat plastic pollution.

What We’ve Done

Though our focus is currently on youth education, we sparked this movement 25 years ago, and have continued to grow and develop with the cause.


Our Team

We’re a small team dedicated to making a big impact, walking in the footsteps of our founder, Capt. Charles Moore who sparked what we call the Great Plastics Awakening.

“Embrace the complexity and take up the challenge.”

– Captain Charles Moore


Help us build our community by donating or sharing our resources with a teacher, young person or family member. Together, we can arrive at a future free of plastic pollution.


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