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Educators are our favorite people. To support educators we provide science-based educational resources, presentations, and workshops. We’ve already reached thousands of middle and high school students across the country and we aim to keep improving and growing. We teach about the sources and impact of plastic pollution, and empower the next generation to be a part of the solution.


Teaching Kits

The Debris Science Investigation Kit is an all-included, prepared activity for educators to use in the classroom. Students rotate through three hands-on activities, including studying microplastics in an ocean gyre sample, investigating the densities of various plastics and their effects on ecosystems, and mapping out where we find plastics in our oceans. 1 hr lesson, NGSS aligned and designed for middle school.

Free for Southern CA public schools educators. Next shipment Dec 2019. 


Professional Development Workshops

Become an expert on plastic pollution and empowering youth to be a part of the solution. The state of plastic pollution is a rapidly changing. We will help you stay up to date with the newest developments and will walk you through our educational resources. We hold several professional development workshops each year in Long Beach, CA.

Let us know if you’re interested in attending a workshop. 




Wayfinder Society

Every young person should be inspired to make a difference in their own way. Wayfinder is an online platform that can be used in the classroom to engage students in a range action projects from calling out sidewalk litter on social media to writing letters to government officials to composing original pieces of music, students can shape their own participation while earning rewards for accomplishing their goals. Designed for ages ~8 – 18.

Program launch soon! 

Classroom Presentations

Bring us into your classroom for an interactive presentation. We’ll meet your students at their level, challenge them to think big picture and engage in discussion. We’ll go into the problems with plastic, unintended consequences, innovations, policy and local solutions.  Video-call presentations are offered for distant locations. 6th grade – college level.



“Either we shape our future or stand passively by while it shapes us.”

-Charles Saylan


Help us build our community by donating or sharing our resources with a teacher, young person or family member. Together, we can arrive at a future free of plastic pollution.


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