Young People Power Change

As a young person, you have endless opportunities for making this world a better one. In order to bring about meaningful change, we need all hands on deck. Whether you’re just getting into plastic pollution or you’ve been dedicating yourself to this cause for many years, we’re here to help you connect with your peers, bring your ideas into real life to get us closer to a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable.

Over 30 ways to take Action on Plastic Pollution

As part of our newest program, Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education, our Student Hub helps students find the best ways to contribute to solving plastic pollution for good. Each Action includes an instruction guide and a place to submit your work to collect Hours and earn recognition for the time you spend helping to solve this global problem. Use Hours for community service requirements or your college application extracurriculars, or find inspiration for a home, school, or community project.


Learn about Effective Solutions

Truly solving the global plastic pollution crisis will require us all to bring our creativity, collaboration, and ingenuity to the table. We’ll need scientific advances, better policies, new business models, widespread education, and lots of challenging discussions to get to a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable. But, the good news is, we’re already on our way! Check out the solutions we’ve curated to uplift the incredible work being done by individuals, communities, and businesses who are leading us there.


Get funding for your community project or education

Are you leading a community project to address plastic production, waste, or overuse, but need funding? Are you looking for financial support for college, an internship, or conference related to continuing your education about plastic pollution? Apply for our Student Mini-Grant! Application open until April 15, 2024. 


Find Inspiration in your peers

We’ve been able to meet, support, and mentor countless incredible students from around the globe who have taken their future into their own hands. Learn about their stories and join our community!



The Experienceship is a online course designed to give you an educational journey through plastic pollution. Weekly meetings will cover everything from analyzing the solution set and local implications to zero waste culture and our waste management system. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to have a deep understanding of this critical environmental issue and to start applying your skill-set to creating a future where plastic pollution is unthinkable.

18 + or enrolled in college/university

Program on hold

​International Youth Summit

A summit designed by young people, for young people and adults working together to take action against single-use plastic consumption. Participants dive into their local projects, share and network with each other,  and work with mentors to further develop their plans. Each year, 10 Summit alumni are selected to become Peer Advisors and lead the following year’s event.

Program on hold.


You are the change. Youth are the change!

– Kristal Ambrose


Get started by checking out Algalita’s online program Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education where you’ll find over 30 ways to take action, opportunities to track your contribution, funding opportunities, and lots of inspiration from young changemakers around the world.