Youth Innovation Forum

on plastic pollution

August 2 – 4, 2019 | California State University, Long Beach

A 3-day deep-dive into the innovation space around plastic pollution.

Solutions to plastic pollution will come through a trifecta of elimination, innovation, and remediation.

At the Innovation Forum, we’ll explore new ways of thinking about the systemic plastic problem, including innovative product design, business models, policy, and community connections. We’ll also introduce you to up-and-coming schools of thought like biomimicry and circular economy. The forum will be your launch-pad to get involved in the solution at a new level.

This think-tank style event is limited to 75 students to ensure robust conversation and collaboration.  



  Ages 15 – 25 Must be able to cover own travel to/from Long Beach, CA. Dorm room bunk and food provided by Algalita.


Check back in Spring 2020 to apply for the 2020 Forum.

Is this event free? What costs are involved?
For those who are accepted, this event is free to attend and food and lodging will be provided. All attendees, unless opting out, will stay in the student dorm rooms on campus at California State University, Long Beach, where the event will also be held. Attendees are responsible for getting to and from the Youth Innovation Forum.
When and where will the event be held?
The Youth Innovation Forum will take place from Friday afternoon on August 2 to Sunday afternoon on August 4th. Although the Forum is hosted by Algalita, the Forum will be held on the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) campus. CSULB is a public university where Algalita has made many connections, from providing internships to supporting plastic pollution research. We are partnering with the CSULB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an organization that provides programming and guidance to innovators and entrepreneurs in Long Beach, through a focus on sustainability and diversity. Learn more about CSULB IIE here, or follow them at @longbeachstateiie.
When is the application deadline?
Apply by June 30th for the opportunity to attend.
Do I need to attend with an adult chaperone?
If you are under 18 years old as of Aug 1, 2019, you must travel with an adult chaperone. If you are 18 years old, on or before Aug 1, 2019, you can attend alone, however you may bring an adult chaperone if you wish.  Your chaperone can be a parent, teacher or any adult who is willing to travel to and from the Forum with you. One adult can chaperone up to 4 minors; however, each minor must apply separately.
Who will be selected to attend the Forum?
Approximately 75 dedicated and curious youth will be selected to attend by July 7, 2019. Selection will be based on the content you provide in your application. Here’s what we’re looking for: 1. You have a base understanding of plastic pollution, have been involved in the issue and are seriously interested in learning more and building connections. 2. You are ready and willing to have deep discussions and challenge the status quo. 3. You’re dedicated and passionate about solving plastic pollution through innovation.
I'm a teacher. How do I get involved?
Please encourage your students who are interested in technology, engineering, science, design, and business to apply! Consider traveling with a student if their parent/guardian isn’t able to be their chaperone.



Artwork by Liina Klauss, a German artist based in Bali and Hong Kong. Her works examine the intersection of culture and nature finding a visual language for the pervasive impact of humans on the natural world. Using marine debris as art material Liina creates everything from delicate mosaics to large scale installations. This series, called Involuntary Pairs, takes a magnified look at marine pollution. In the oceans the left-overs of human consumer culture are merging with nature to a point of inseparability. Involuntary Pairs zooms in on single products found in nature making the magnitude of the global plastic epidemic tangible. @liinaklauss



“We’re too intelligent to be this irresponsible.”

– Katie Allen


Help us build our community by donating or sharing our resources with a teacher, young person or family member. Together, we can arrive at a future free of plastic pollution.


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