When we were contacted by animation professor Bonnie Mitchell about her students creating a public service announcement, or PSA, for us, we were excited about the idea, but little did we know what would come out of it. Every year, Bonnie’s students are tasked with working with an environmental non-profit to get real world experience creating content for a client. After confirming Algalita’s collaboration, we asked her and her students to begin by watching The Story of Plastic documentary to learn about the plastics issue. We then had a productive post-viewing discussion, and brainstormed some ideas for the general goal of the PSA.  

In groups, they set off to develop three different storyboards, which they later presented to us.

We selected our favorite, which they took into production stage. With each student taking on different roles of illustrator, director, animator, voice actor, producer, etc., they created a full animation short. When they presented their almost-final version, we were blown away.  

These students went above and beyond creating a beautiful story, and professionally designed animation for us. More than that, they showed us exactly how young people can contribute their unique skills to inspire and create change.  

Watch the animation short for yourself here 

If you’re a student, take the next step by joining Wayfinder Society and share your own vision for a future where plastic pollution is unthinkable.  

Learn more about Wayfinder Society here

Thank you to John Fowler, Megan Smith, Claudia Hoerr, Kiriana Byrd, Savannah Baileys and Professor Bonnie Mitchell of Bowling Green State University for your incredible work and contribution to our cause!