Over the span of 25 years, Algalita has participated in every aspect of the movement to end plastic pollution. We’ve investigated how plastics build up in our ocean, air, and wildlife. We actively share perspectives with plastic industry leaders, policy makers, and corporations across the globe. Together with partners, we’ve built a web of connections between researchers, organizers, educators, and young people.

Our movement has never been this powerful, but we are at a crossroads. As you may have noticed, plastic pollution has become a hot topic over the past few years. Trendy so-called solutions are oversaturating social media, distracting citizens from understanding the complex conditions that fuel the plastic pollution problem. We need people to understand that plastic pollutes throughout its entire life-cycle: from when the oil and gas is extracted to produce it, to the moment it’s lost, dumped, landfilled, down-cycled, or burned, and how it continues polluting as tiny particles accumulate in the environment and our bodies.

When Algalita sparked the Great Plastics Awakening over two decades ago, the world listened. Next year, we’re taking the movement to the next level by partnering with hundreds of international organizations to spread THE STORY OF PLASTIC – an award-winning documentary that has the power to ignite change like we’ve never seen before. In 2020 we will be launching new classroom curriculum on top of a new youth online activation platform, Wayfinder Society, which will empower thousands of students to join local AND global solutions to plastic pollution. We have plans to expand the scope of our International Youth Summit by partnering with leaders from zero waste communities around the globe, and our newly designed Youth Innovation Forum will bring policy work to the forefront for students passionate about advancing big-picture legislation.

Our small grassroots organization has already made a tremendous impact on this cause, but we’re driven to do more as each year passes. A donation to Algalita is so much more than money. It’s you saying “great work, keep going, we’re behind you!” Your encouragement is exactly what we need to stay committed to solving this complex problem. Help us continue to grow, and I promise we will not let you down.

Support us by visiting algalita.org/donate or call our office at 562-598-4889. You can also write a check, made out to Algalita, mailed to 148 North Marina Drive, Long Beach CA 90803. If you’re near Long Beach, be sure to visit our new plastic-smart retail outpost, BYO at Algalita!

With great appreciation,
Katie & the Algalita team

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