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Environmentalismconcern and action aimed at protecting the environment

Environmental Racism: Environmental racism is the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on people of color.

Environmental Justice (EJ): Environmental justice is the movement’s response to environmental racism, based on the principles that no one should suffer disproportionate environmental pollution and harm due to race, nationality, income, religion, sexual identity/orientation, creed, etc.

‍It is common for “environmentalism” and “environmental justice” to be used interchangeably, but the advocacy efforts are distinctly different. Environmentalists largely make decisions in offices that are often slow-moving and rarely incorporate the voice of impacted communities. EJ advocates organize at a community level, advocating for solutions from lived experiences to drive action up the supply chain. Environmentalists advocate for the planet. EJ advocates strive to not only address the issues of exposure, but the origins and intersections of issue areas that stem from institutional racism (which encompasses healthcare access, reproductive justice, immigration, rights of mother nature/natural laws,  economic justice and so many others).

So how can these movements meet?

It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest at night.”
In Houston, Texas, the Valero oil refinery is pumping out hydrogen cyanide by the ton – a poisonous and flammable liquid used as a chemical weapon…

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