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3 days.

150 change-makers networking to combat plastic pollution.

Take your project to the next level.

Workshops + Speakers

Whether it’s exploring global perspectives, sharing techniques to stay positive, or connecting with your inner scientist or adventurist on the ORV Alguita, we aim to provide a program that will help you balance and advance your work in this cause.

Share Sessions

We know working to solve plastic pollution can feel overwhelming. A major part of the Summit is dedicated to time to share your project successes and challenges with teams from around the world, explore similarities and differences, and gain new insights from your peers. Inspire and be inspired!

1-on-1 Mentoring

We bring reps from our partner organizations to the Summit to broaden the perspectives and expertise that we share with you. You’ll be paired with an expert in your project emphasis, whether it be policy, local campaigning, systems thinking, culture change, or art. This mentor will be your go-to for questions, advice, and guidance, and you’ll have a couple hours to work with them 1-on-1 at the Summit.


What’s most important along our path to creating a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable? Friendships and community. We can’t do this without trusting in one another, having each other’s backs, and working as a global team. We’ll make sure you have time at the Summit to build a robust network of friends and colleagues – for life.


Kristal Ambrose

Bahamas Plastic Movement

Fearless. Energetic. Dedicated.

Deia Schlosberg

Pale Blue Dot Media

Persistent. Receptive. Resourceful.

Sybil Bullock

Break Free From Plastic

Hopeful. Resilient. Creative.

Tiara Samson

Break Free From Plastic

 Adventurous. Passionate. Diplomatic.

Dyson Chee

Project O.C.E.A.N.

Dedicated. Passionate. Fun-loving.

Prigi Arisandi


Rivers. Protector. for Microplastic.

Young Sarah Grguras

Post Landfill Action Network

Passionate. Determined. Creative

Sean Russell

Earth Echo International

Passionate. Committed. Energetic.

Sondra Weiss

The Lost Art of Love Letters

Creative. Taco-loving. Mermaid.

Diana Cohen

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Artist. Relentless. Optimist.

Kiana Liu

LMU Surfrider Youth Club

Creative. Passionate. Generous.

Eli Wilkins-Malloy

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Enthusiastic. Compassionate. Sensitive.

Stiv Wilson

Story of Plastic

Instigator. Creator. Misfit.

Hugo Tagholm

Surfers Against Sewage

Activist. Environmentalist. Surfer.

Jackie Nuñez

The Last Plastic Straw

Instigator. Activist. Adventurer.

Win Cowger

UC Riverside

Climb. Research. Discuss.

Sadie Thompson

Stanford University

Vibrant. Passionate. Energetic.

Tabatha Knudson

UH-Manoa Surfrider Youth Club

Passionate. Driven. Stoked.

Emma Kavanaugh

St. Thomas Aquinas High Surfrider Youth Club

Passionate. Hardworking. Dedicated.

Shelby O’Neil


Resilient. Adventurous. Oski.

Nick Schippers

SCHRoad Trip

Stoked. Positive. Motivated.

Hans Schippers

SCHRoad Trip

Psyched. Motivated. Curious.

Ethan Estess


Ocean Artist/Scientist

J Nichols

Blue Mind / Slow Coast

swim through walls

Pia Hirsch

Algalita Youth Council

Ambitious. Inquisitive. Thorough.

Anchal Bhaskar

Algalita Youth Council

Motivated. Spirited. Insightful.

Cosmo Herbert

Algalita Youth Council

Curious. Determined. Optimistic.

Jude McCarthy

Algalita Youth Council

Loud. Creative. Driven.

Anushka Bhaskar

Algalita Chief Youth Officer

Empathetic. Passionate. Curious.

Victor Keroles

Algalita Peer Advisor

Compassionate. Inquisitive. Driven.

Hannah Gallagher

Algalita Peer Advisor

Communicative. Inquisitive. Sanguine.

Christian “Mav” Robbins

Youth Activist, Ocean Uprise

Kitesurfer. Explorer. Innovator.

Nalleli Hidalgo

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services

Creative. Tejana. Fuerte.

Michael Doshi

Gnarly Beach Cleaner

Astronaut. Daydreamer. Rascal.

David Stover


Surfing. Positivity. Recycling.

Melissa Aguayo

5 Gyres


Thara Bening

River Warriors

River. Environment. Warrior.

Rebecca Mattos

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Aloha. Ocean. Warrior.

Katie Allen

Algalita Executive Director

Brave. Intuitive. Risk-taker.

Anika Ballent

Algalita Education Director

Thoughtful. Ambitious. Balanced.

Yvette Arellano



Kate Nelson

Plastic Free Mermaid

Surfer. Yogi. Mermaid.
Here's what to know before applying.
Is this event free? What costs are involved?

For those who are accepted based on their application, this event is free to attend. Food and lodging will also be provided. All attendees will stay in assigned rooms at the Dana Point Marina Inn, a nearby hotel. Attendees are responsible for getting to and from the Summit and funding their travel.

When and where will the event be held?

2021 dates will be announced soon. The Summit will take place from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Although the Summit is hosted by Algalita, the Summit will take place at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA.  Teams will stay at the Dana Point Marina Inn, a hotel walking distance from the venue.

How old do I need to be to attend the Summit?

You must be at least 11 years old and younger than 18 years old at the time of the Summit to be allowed to apply and attend.

When is the application deadline?

Your application must be submitted online by November 6th, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST.

Who will be selected to attend the Summit?

Approximately 100 dedicated youth will be selected to attend the Summit. Selection will be based on the content provided in your application. Here’s what we’re looking for: 1. You demonstrate that you understand plastic pollution and that you are serious about learning more and building connections. 2. Your project goes above and beyond to address plastic pollution. Your project is creative, clearly defined, realistic and timely. 3. You are ready and willing to have deep discussions and challenge the status quo. 

Do I need to attend with an adult?

Each team must by chaperoned by an adult advisor who is 25 years or older. Advisors are required to accompany youth members to and from the summit and before and after programming. Advisors may attend the duration of the Summit and will be offered some advisor specific programming. Your advisor can be a parent, teacher, non-profit organization educator or any adult who is willing to travel to and from the Summit with you. We can only allow one advisor per team. If your affiliated school or organization requires 2 chaperones we can make an exception. No more than 2 adults may attend the Summit with a team.

I'm a teacher. How do I get involved?

As you know, educators empower students to take on new experiences. Consider advising a team and traveling with them. 

What if I'm an international student?

International travel can be tricky. If you are applying from outside of the United States, we require that you apply under an advisor from an accredited non-profit organization or school. We will connect with the organization or school as a part of reviewing your application. Beware that obtaining travel documents can take a long time, a lot of effort, and extra funds. We will provide invitation letters to accepted international teams, but cannot provide further assistance. Algalita works closely with GreenContributor Inc. Canada to activate youth leaders from around the world to launch action-oriented solutions to reduce plastic waste. GreenContributor Inc. is a Canadian-based organization involved in educational, environmental, and entrepreneurial initiatives. GreenContributor seeks to create a platform that provides an opportunity for students and the general community to participate in environmental initiatives, besides providing environment education and a 360 degree perspective of global issues to mold students in becoming Global Environmental Ambassadors. Students are offered collaborative multidisciplinary programs and platforms in different parts of the world to test & implement their ideas and creations. Other student opportunities include internships, summer programs & entrepreneurial experiences with stake holder options. Some of the projects designed by GreenContributor are used by institutes as their examples under United Nation Academic Impact initiatives. Due to the challenges of coordinating travel, some international teams may be able to exceed the maximum team member amount of 4 students; however, international teams may not exceed 10 students. The logistics of their travel arrangements will be taken care of by GreenContributor.

We can’t attend the Summit; how can we still be involved?

Check out the other education and leadership programs that Algalita provides! We have Debris Science Investigation Kits you can get for your classroom, a brand new online platform called Wayfinder Society, the Innovation Forum every August, and the Experienceship program for Southern California college students and young professionals.

I attended the Summit last year. Can I attend again?

You are welcome to apply again to share the progress on your project or bring a new one, but we also want to open the opportunity for new students, so we ask that you invite at least one new team member to submit with you. Keep in mind that teams with new youth leaders will be given priority. If you’ve already attended the Summit or are over 18, apply for our Summit sequel, the Innovation Forum! We also have a semester long internship available for local SoCal college students and young professionals.

We're far from SoCal. How do we support our journey to Dana Point?

You are responsible for raising the money to travel to and from the Summit. Finding funding is a huge part of any project, so it’s a great time to sharpen your skills. Here are some ideas: + Host fundraisers in your school or community. + Sell reusables with your school/team logo to your school staff, administration and peers. + Host a community beach/street clean up and collect pledges for each piece of plastic trash you pick up. + Promise local businesses a presentation based on what your team learned at the Summit in exchange for a donation. + Contact a local airline and ask them to sponsor your team’s travel. + Ask friends and family to donate their airline miles to your trip. If you’re still having trouble raising enough, Algalita has a VERY limited amount of funding available to assist teams with travel costs based on need. Please keep in mind that even selected scholarship recipients will be responsible for raising a portion of their travel costs. If you would like to be considered to receive support, please contact with a brief summary of your expected costs and a 100 word statement about your team.

Run by youth for youth.

The Algalita Youth Council and Peer Advisors are young leaders who have been a part of Algalita’s programs for several years. They bring their youth perspective  to the table when developing the program, choosing speakers, and running the show.

Explore Past Summits

Check out the photo galleries of our past summits to get a better idea of how it will go down. From our first Summit in 2011, almost ten years ago, till now, it’s amazing how much it’s changed over the years and how youth have kept raising the bar!


Get inspired

This timeline chronicles the stories and successes of young change makers. If you need some ideas to build on, this is a great place to start.



If you’ve read through all the details above and you still have questions, please reach out. Just put “Summit 2020 Inquiry” in the subject line.



“To the generation that creates a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable.”

– Capt. Charles Moore


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