We have built something beautiful – for you, for us, for everyone.

Creating meaningful human experiences has always been foundational to Algalita’s programs. For decades, we’ve thrived off the magic that happens when people from all walks of life come together to envision, and work towards, the world we all deserve. The past three years tested our ability to remain strong as we watched many of our programs fade without the light of genuine human connection. But this message isn’t intended to be about what Algalita lost, but rather to celebrate the unexpected insights we’ve gained, and the future of what we have to offer.

This May, we are launching a new program that honors over a decade of our work with teachers and students. Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education combines the best of Algalita’s past programming, present insights and future ambitions aimed at building community through formal and informal experiences – virtual and offline.

Whether you’re a public or private school teacher, homeschool parent, informal educator, student, or life-long learner – Wayfinder Society is the place for you. Together, we will explore the deepest depths of environmental education. We will support each other, and we will celebrate our humanness every step of the way. Because, with the right support, we all can inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

And no one belongs here more than you.

We acknowledge that every learning environment is different, so we’ve designed Wayfinder Society with your unique journey in mind. Additionally, we believe that these complex issues require true collaboration, so we embrace co-creating content with educators, researchers, and our environmental movement partners.

Once Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education officially launches in May 2023, you’ll have access to free lesson plans, tangible toolkits, how-to guides, grants for educators and students, community news, virtual events, and a student hub that includes free self-guided resources to take meaningful actions in today’s complicated world. We will focus on how to balance participation with self-care while acknowledging the challenges that accompany activism and systemic issues.

Community is much more than the neighborhood you live in; it’s about doing something with others that makes belonging matter. We invite you to journey with us as we use our power of connection, imagination and optimism to bring our collective vision alive. Because no one can change the world alone, but together, there’s no limit to what we can do.

Join our Wayfinder Society community to receive event invites and more details about the program before launch. Don’t miss out on three pre-launch virtual events including: A sneak peek of the program, an Algalita Youth Summit Adult Advisor Reunion, and a special evening with Algalita’s Founder, Captain Charles Moore.